Delisting from Dobi Exchange & Preparations for IEO Launch

April 30, 2020

Following a period of intensive research, technology updates, and new partnerships closed, the team behind Lynchpin Token decided to delist its LYN token from Dobi Exchange.

Although the news might come as a shock to some of our token holders we would like to let everyone know that our project is very much alive and thriving. We strongly believe that building trust requires nothing more than telling the truth, and that’s exactly what we’ve been doing all along.

The reason why Lynchpin Token decided to delist its LYN token from Dobi Exchange is mainly related to everything that’s happening in the crypto market. We’ve tried to set ourselves apart from the crowd, and in some ways, we believe we’ve attained our goals. However, change is good and we plan to make the most of it. As a consequence, following the decision to stop the 3rd phase of our ICO last year, we ended up compromising nearly 90% of our fundraising process. Regardless, that didn’t stop us from expanding, improving our technology, and coming up with a new value proposition for the Lynchpin Token project.

Long story short, it took us a couple of months to brainstorm a new strategy and frame a new, better business model. Our mission remains the same – “Making digital assets spendable”. But we had to figure out a new way of doing that; a way that is not related to ICOs but to the underlying technology of the blockchain. The hype is over and now that most scams have been eradicated from the crypto market, it’s time to embrace failure, accept it, and use it to succeed.

Team effort and trust have been the backbone of the Lynchpin Token project since inception. Our reputation precedes us and therefore, we’ve managed to close essential partnerships with top international vendors in spite of the turmoil, such as , (GoBuyBid)  [a], (SgConcept Vending.)

What has been happening since we’ve cancelled Phase III of our ICO?

After cancelling Public Sale Phase III our focus switched 100% on the core development of our products. Our efforts paid off as we have managed to bring even more utility to our LYN token when LynPay Integrated Wallet was launched. Available for download on IOS (IOS) and Google Playstore (Google Playstore), We are calling for all our early Lyn Token holders to transfer their token to the new LynPay wallet. Users will be able to spend cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT using QR code e-wallet and  in e-commerce websites such as (Gobuybid) and merchants such as Aspirasi, as well as on vending machines.

SgConcept Vending (SgConcept Vending) is our first case use. Given that vending machines are aimed to be convenient, with the integration with LynPay’s payment solution, one can easily purchase goods from vending machines via QR code using cryptocurrency. (Watch payment using Eth)

Following the completion of beta testing phase for the LynPay Integrated Wallet (estimated duration: 2 months), we will be fully prepared to scale for worldwide adoption. At this point, we’re looking forward to the launch of our IEO, which will begin in the 2nd quarter of 2020. We’ll update on the exchanges that Lyn Token will be doing it’s IEO soon.

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