Lynchpin Token Cancels Collaboration with RMP Games

May 5, 2019

We, at Lynchpin Token, are deeply saddened to have to share this news with our community. However, we believe that the future of our project and our success in making digital assets spendable depends highly on our merchants and collaborators. Therefore, we would like to announce that we are compelled to cancel our initial partnership with RMP Games.


Why we canceled the partnership with RMP Games?

From the very beginning our mission and vision for the Lynchpin Token was to come up with a win-win solution for our partners and collaborators. We believe that RMP Games is an excellent project with great potential for the future. However, due to the fact that management couldn’t find a way to provide a complete solution that benefits the entire gaming community as well as LYN token holders, we had to end our collaboration.

In the absence of a viable utility proposition from RMP Games, our team concluded that it would be best to move on and allow them more time to develop their platform and expand their number of games available. For that to happen, RMP Games needs time to grow and evolve in order to become a full-fledged gaming platform. Unfortunately, Lynchpin Token is advancing at a very fast pace. Our technology is up and running, and soon we will officially launch our Lynpay app and debit card.


LYN token is an excellent stable coin for the developed gaming industry

Although we must part our ways and allow RMP Games to continue their development by themselves, we still believe that LYN is an excellent stable coin for the gaming industry. Its uses are numerous because it could allow game players to make in-game purchases and truly join our mission to combat volatility in the crypto industry. Since the team behind RMP Games couldn’t advance their platform (which was scheduled to go live in Q2 of 2019) we felt responsible to quit the collaboration in order to preserve the purpose of our LYN tokens and further look after our partners and investors who believe in us.


What’s next for Lynchpin Token?

By cancelling the deal with RMP Games, we believe we can focus on further developments a lot faster and more productively. Soon we will launch the official Lynpay App, which is scheduled for this May 2019. After a complex testing and prototyping phase, we’re getting one step closer to releasing our much awaited Lynpay debit cards for multi-purpose spending on LYN tokens. A recent development we’re mostly proud of is our groundbreaking technology: our QR code wallet which will allow QR payments in LYN and ETH, in the initial stages. We plan to add SGD and BTC following the successful completion of the beta stage for the Lynpay QR payment solution.

Whether we like it or not, the cryptocurrency industry poses tremendous challenges. Adoption is slow and volatility is still high, meaning that switching mentalities and changing people’s perceptions is a journey we’re glad to be part of. We, at Lynchpin Token, commit to helping our community understand the power that lies at the core of our LYN token. With our all-in-one solution that benefits our investors, merchants and LYN token holders, the mission of Lynchpin Token continues to bridge the gap between adoption and volatility.

A big thank you to RMP Games for being with us from the very beginning, and although we are officially announcing our split, we maintain our deepest respect to the entire team.

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