Lynchpin Token IEO Successful Completion on Oct. 12 | Kickstarts Listings on BigOne, ChainX, and Biconomy

October 12, 2020

The 3rd round of our Lynchpin Token IEO has just ended, and we’re more than happy to announce that the Lynchpin Token project is getting closer and closer to its mission to make digital assets spendable. To strengthen the value of LYN tokens, our ecosystem is stronger and more developed than ever before. Following the successful onboarding of various merchants and partners, the unique tokenomics behind the project has led to the development of a sturdy proof-of-concept, which is now ready for worldwide scaling and deployment.

Amid the global pandemic, the team at Lynchpin Token project never stopped believing in its innovative power. That being said, the successful end of our 3-phase IEO will be followed by 3 listings on the following exchanges: BigOne (China), ChainX (Korea), and Biconomy (Canada). 

Listing on BigOne (China) – November 12, 2020

With a trading volume that exceeds $178 million according to CoinMarketCap, BigOne is China’s most versatile crypto exchanges. It supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, and soon it will also be listing LYN token. Our decision to list LYN on BigOne came after realizing that we needed a trusted digital asset trading platform to partner with. One of their biggest advantages is the digital escrow that protects all users as well as secure, fast, and professional services.

As for additional benefits, BigOne is highly secure, meeting the 2-step security verification, multi-signature encryption, and cold wallets. Furthermore, it comes with competitive trade fees, an intuitive, and a user-friendly platform that is also available on mobile. Given the high trading volume, the process of buying/selling cryptos and tokens is incredibly smooth, without any liquidity concerns.

Listing on ChainX (Korea) – November 12, 2020

The second exchange we’ll be listing LYN token following the end of our IEO is ChainX, one of Korea’s most promising and fastest-growing crypto exchanges with a trading volume of $16+ million according to CoinMarketCap. Developed by the trusted founders at Coinzest, Coinbit, and GDAC, the mission of ChainX is to develop an excellent trading environment for all its investors. The exchange supports KRW fiat to crypto pairing, and it charges zero fees for all deposits made.

We decided to list LYN token on ChainX due to the exchange’s tremendous growth in Korea, as well as on the expanding global market. Since their specialty is managing IEOs (and they’ve successfully helped various Korean startups to scale), the partnership will definitely enable our Lynchpin Token project to achieve its mission to make digital assets spendable a lot faster.

Listing on Biconomy (Canada) – December 12, 2020

Last but not least, Lynchpin Token will break into the North American market by listing LYN Token on Biconomy Exchange, one of Canada’s most promising digital asset trading platforms. Armed with a mission that smart contracts and distributed ledger technology will improve transaction efficiency while also building trust and impacting society’s economy, Biconomy has a financial license for Canadian exchanges. Furthermore, they’ve opened a legal currency deposit channel for Euros, Canadian dollars, and credit cards, at the same time providing support for traders and investors interested in buying BTC, LTC, ETH, and XPR via credit card.

By listing LYN Token on Biconomy Exchange, we believe that our infrastructure and ecosystem will greatly improve. That’s because Biconomy is well-known for its pioneering technology of transaction management and gas optimization. In simple terms, it makes using DApps a lot easier. With Biconomy, transactions will become faster and users will not have to deal with any sort of gas price fluctuations.


Following the end of our IEO, on October 12, 2020, we will move on to ensuring our 2 million LYN tokens in circulation with physical 1gm gold via our partnership with Next, our focus will be entirely on strengthening the ecosystem, boosting the value of our token, preserving the base price, and making sure the project is all set for worldwide adoption and scalability.

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