Lynchpin token to launch ieo on chainx

June 11, 2020

Lynchpin Token, a cryptocurrency built for crypto-enthusiasts and crypto-speculators, is launching its IEO an esteemed exchange, ChainX.
The Lynchpin Token project was developed around the mission to make digital assets spendable.

With a great team, we’re getting closer and closer to making that happen! To increase the utility of our LYN token, our ecosystem amasses merchants, partnerships, assurance, a strong value proposition, and a unique tokenomics that we believe is more real than anything we’ve witnessed in the crypto market thus far.

Amidst Covid19, we are launching our IEO with a proof of concept rather than an MVP (Minimum Variable Product)
In light of the facts mentioned above, the Lynchpin Token team is ready to scale the business with a proof of concept for its upcoming IEO.
About ChainX Exchange

ChainX Exchange is a gathering of the minds as much as it is a promising exchange, it’s the fruit of Korea’s finest exchange builders coming together to create a better trading environment. The founders draw experience from their time at the likes of Coinzest, Coinbit, and GDAC, whom are rising stars in the Korean exchange scene.

ChainX Exchange is a CoinMarketCap (CMC) approved exchange. It is one of the reputable exchange with transparent management and team. With a FIAT to crypto pairing, it makes purchase of cryptocurrencies easier.

ChainX Exchange user base is growing exponentially. Currently, ChainX Exchange is serving one of the largest cryptocurrency markets such as Korea, Russia, China and Vietnam to name a few.

ChainX Exchange is one of the best liquidity management company in Korea.

About Lynchpin Token

Lynchpin Token was formed by a group of crypto-educators whom wanted a cryptocurrency that is sound yet have the upside of the price increase of its value. In view of this, Lynchpin Token set up partnerships that is able to solve spendability, liquidity and constant natural demand to preserve the base price and keeping Lynchpin Token competitive.

With a fixed low supply of 5 million tokens, out of which only 2 million LYN tokens will be circulating for 1 year after the IEO ends, we are almost an exclusive cryptocurrency to buy and hold.

This proposition, coupled with partnerships to create the full eco-system that are ready to scale up is highly likely to make Lynchpin Token’s project a huge success!

Subscribe to Lynchpin Community to understand how the eco-systems brings about demand
and liquidity.

Join us for this extraordinary IEO on ChainX!

Schedule is as follows:
1st Round — 06/07– 12/07
2st Round —20 /07–26/07
3rd Round — 24/08–30/08

The IEO will run throughout the day for the weeks stated above.
See you at the upcoming IEO!
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