Lynchpin ( LYN ) token lists on Dobi Exchange

Monday, April 23

As we continue our mission to make digital assets spendable and build intrinsic value for cryptocurrencies, the team at Lynchpin Token follows up with a recent company update. LYN tokens will be listed on Dobitrade Exchange with the following trading pairs: LYN/ETH, LYN/BTC.

Dobitrade Exchange is a well-known global trading platform with a daily trading volume of $300 million, and 22 supporting cryptocurrencies. Fully committed to creating “the world’s most secure, convenient and professional digital currency exchange”, we, at Lynchpin Token, believe that the collaboration will help strengthen and accelerate our mission and vision of building intrinsic value for cryptocurrencies.  

Launched in 2018, Dobitrade is aimed at providing professional trading services spanning a global population. The team is made up skills industry experts from fields like digital asset management, e-commerce, online gaming, finance and social networking. We believe the partnership with Lynchpin Token will help further expand its development, as well as growth in the real-world economy. Armed with a stack of crypto trading services, reliable and secure, Dobitrade becomes a valuable player on the Lynchpin Token ecosystem.

Most recent updates at Lynchpin Token

Following our successful beta testing and ongoing development, we commit to provide our customers with three different types of cards: Gold, Elite, and VIP. Registration will begin starting May 1st, 2019. In the past few weeks, we’ve been focused on the launch of the QR code wallet. At the moment, we’re channeling our efforts to launch the LynPay app; currently under development. Beta testing of the app is planned for Q2 of 2019, as well.

One of our recent technological developments and key features for the LynPay app will be the QR code payment solution. In the first phase, it will support LYN and ETH; following the successful completion of the beta stage, we will add BTC and SGD. Changing the way cryptocurrencies are currently being used can be challenging, although we believe that the solution is to switch mentalities and help people understand that the value lies in the power to innovate.

Our innovative breakthrough at Lynchpin Token is an all-in-one solution for both users and merchants to accept cryptocurrencies directly on the LynPay wallet. We believe that a well-rounded solution that allows people to choose and make payments in fiat or crypto should be a right. We abide by our slogan “ Making Digital Assets Spendable ”, and would like to thank you for your continuous support in our project.