SG Vending Concept Pte Ltd Successfully Integrate Crypto Payment on Vending

March 24, 2020

Singapore – It has been a roller coaster ride for
Lynchpin partner, SG Concept Vending Pte Ltd into making this project to success. SG Concept Vending Pte Ltd focuses on technology to make payment using crypto possible.
Lynchpin team would like to congratulate our partner SG Concept Vending Pte Ltd for its first crypto acceptable vending machine.

Integrating the first crypto payment vending machine, a lot of research and advices from industrial player has to been done as integrating blockchain technology into old vending machine is not an easy task. After all avenues, trial and error by the technology team, the vending machine is finally ready and up. Currently on Beta Test, only LynPay wallet is accepted. Cryptocurrencies that are accepted are ETH and Lyn Token. BTC and USDT are in progress. Watch how the vending machine works using Lyn Token here. To watch how payment using ETH, here .

With this successful integration, the utility proposition of Lyn Token will increase. LynPay is in advance stage discussion with big names in the vending industries to roll out crypto acceptable payment solution to almost 2000 vending machine around Singapore which is targeted to commence 3rd Quarter 2020.  Upon completion of the integration, Lyn Token will be accepted on all this vending machine. This is great news for Lyn Token holder as it is aligned with Lynchpin motto, “Making Digital Assets Spendable”.

The Team at Lynchpin once again congratulates SG Concept Vending Pte Ltd for this successful milestone.
Lynchpin is always in discussion with its partners and potential partners on how partners can create more utility and at same time liquidity and demand for Lyn Token.  Stay updated on the progress of Lynchpin and its partner by following its Facebook , Instagram , Twitter or Telegram.

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